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Espadrilles. They’ve been worn by soldiers, priests, miners, royalty, runway models, presidents, and artists. JFK and Salvador Dalí? Big fans. They’ve been worn, in fact, by sensible footwear aficionados for millennia. True story. 

Archaeologists once unearthed a primitive pair of espadrilles off a skeleton in a bat cave in Spain. The shoes were later estimated at 4,000 years old. Just think about that for a second. When people were referring to the wonders of the ancient world as “those crazy new buildings over there,” people were wearing espadrilles.

For a shoe style to not only endure – but thrive – for that long, it has to be doing something right. As it turns out, espadrilles do a whole lot of things right. Their original function – provide a well-made, comfortable shoe that contours to the feet – is still intact. Plus they look sharp, which never hurts. Slip-on espadrilles (worn sockless, natch) get it done in everything from sportier threads to informal work wear. 

They’re breezy and ultra-light, yet durable enough to withstand a little pavement pounding. Rock them at the office, at the beach, at that weekend deck party, or wherever your summer takes you. Sandals and flip-flops are over gentlemen. It’s espadrille season.

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