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fashionista shoes:FINAL TOUCH: NEW HEIGHTS

In the world of toe-showing soles, footbeds determinedly stand out from a crowd of summer sandals. No one is ever left with a feeling of indifference at the sight of the vertically elevated stepper. In short, you either love them or loathe them. 

In order to fully grasp the platform silhouette that shaped any 90s’ kid fashion education, a little background info is needed. Growing up with style mentors such as the Spice Girls, anything with a footbed quickly went from boring to groundbreaking. Unfortunately, even with all the girl power of the ultimate all-female band of the 90s’, the innovative stunner couldn’t stand the test of time – until 20 years later.

With the arrival of the 2010s, the “ugly” shoe by excellence was back & more controversial than ever. As a matter of fact, the hipster era gave intellectual birth to the notion that “ugly” is the new rad. And, by all means, we couldn’t agree more.

 Case in point: we plan on wearing the jacked up thong sandal with a simple yet print-astic dress for a BBQ sesh with the fam. We are giving ourselves a little height without missing out on all the fun. Even though we can already anticipate our feet getting weird looks, we’re spicing up our lives with funky footbeds.

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